Katie Bowers Band

We are a Baltimore based group that features Katie Bowers on vocals, Joseph Scala on guitar, and a rotating set of drummers and other talented musicians.

You can usually find us at Leadbetters or Cat's Eye Pub in Fells Point, Baltimore, MD.

Upcoming Events

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You can also view google calendar if you'd like.

We don't have an email list (sorry) but we do update our calendar frequently, so be sure to check back :)


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Other Musicians

We like to mix it up and add other musicians for new sounds and flavors. Here are some we frequently play with, although there are many others from time to time.

  • Mosno: djembe and vocals
  • Chris Peacock: congas
  • Chris Durm: lead guitar and bass
  • Alan Marcus: lead guitar
  • Ken G-Shorts: lead guitar

And if you enjoy our music, you may also enjoy these other Baltimore musicians. Check 'em out!


We would love to hear from you!
We are also available for any fun events you may be hosting.

Email us here: katieandjoe.us@gmail.com

Here we are on facebook: Katie & Joe
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